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White Collar – An Intellectual Series… finally!

February 1, 2012

Am finally watching a TV Series again… White Collar. Its of an entirely different genre. It is called a dramady – a mixture of comedy and drama. The Western tradition divides drama in comedy and tragedy and to me the division has always seemed wrong and insufficient. Comedy is light, vulgar and non-serious, while tragedy is… well… tragic.  I have always felt that there should be another category; that life can not fit in just these two categories. They had the category of tragi-comedy but it was disappointingly nostalgic of the two categories.

Good thing, in television and cinema they don’t bother about these distinctions anymore. White Collar is a comedy, a drama and a thriller. While the focus is on white collar art crime, the way the characters carry themselves is comic. Anyone who has watched Prison Break is more likely to be disappointed in other crime dramas. White Collar is not on the line of Prison Break, but it does involve con men and break outs. Every episode takes on a different story, just like The X-Files. Neal Caffrey, played by Matt Bomer, is a felon, who is working for the FBI, thanks to his excellent brains and his insider knowledge of the criminal world. Agent Burke is the one who is running Caffrey.

The main characters of Neal Caffrey and Burke are excellent. The chemistry between characters is good enough. Side-characters are also very interesting. Mozzie looks genuinely like a computer geek, who loves his  geeky freedom of a room filled with silicon chips. Burke’s wife looks sexy and smart in the right proportions. The most important thing is the smart and witty dialogue with a smacking of literature. They actually quote from Kafka! Imagine that!

There are side stories going on… Burke is supposed to be a born and bred FBI agent, who is not in his mettle when it comes to romance, but he actually looks more lost while playing an FBI agent. Caffrey has a runaway girlfriend whom he is trying to track and who has left him clues. The clues dawn on Caffrey one at a time, at the end of every episode.

White Collar is a soft crime drama, one in which the audience is fully confident that nothing really bad will happen. It is watched more for its designer wear, beautiful interiors and stunning sceneries. Lighting and colors are exquisite and every frame is carefully thought out, calculated for an optimum visual effect on the audience. White Collar is thought out as a series of mesmerizing photo-shoots with a lot of effort put into making it look visually captivating. 

And it is not dirty. In this age of television series where even male frontal nudity is not a taboo, it is nice to see a series which can be watched by even kids. There is no nudity at all and even the kisses are hard to come by. And of course, no rough language, no four letter word. White Collar is truly a series for the intellect and for the sophisticated elite minds. Hope it continues!

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  1. Samkelo Msutu permalink
    October 2, 2013 11:48 AM

    Its damn good and I love it.

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